Available Services


Various diagnostic assessment services are available to answer questions you have about your child's developmental strengths and challenges. These include, but are not limited to, Autism, ADHD, Learning, Giftedness, Anxiety, Mood, and behaviourally-based challenges. A full, detailed report is provided at the end of every assessment, which includes diagnostic conclusions and recommendations for services best suited to your child's needs.

The costs per assessment are generally determined after a first meeting, so  the following flat rates per assessment type are estimates only and meant as a guide. Cost may change depending on the amount of time needed to arrive at meaningful conclusions.

Autism Diagnostic Assessments: range from $2500 to $3200+

Psychoeducational Assessments (e.g., Learning Disabilities, Giftedness): range from $2000 to $2500

ADHD Diagnostic Assessment (without Psychoeducational): range $900 to $1200


Direct billing is not available at this time; however, most health care benefits provide some psychology coverage. Clients are encouraged to look into these resources. Payment options are flexible and parents should discuss in advance if they are working with coordinating benefits and/or would prefer to 'pay as they go' versus as one final sum upon the conclusion of the assessment.

***Final payment is required for the release of the results and report***

Therapy and Parent Consultation

Individual therapy for children and youth aged 7 to 21 years is available on a case by case basis. Virtual therapy services are available if suitable.


Parents are welcome to inquire about consultation services. Dr. Jen has ample experience working with parents looking for guidance to manage their child's anxiety, mood, and/or behavioral challenges. 

Billing is set on a flat rate of $230/hour.